Every year Townscape identifies locations around the Village to plant trees. Townscape then selects appropriate varieties, purchases, plants and maintains the trees. The money for this activity comes primarily from an annual end of the year fund drive. Donations are also made by community members for trees honoring someone special in the community or as a memorial for a deceased family member.

Townscape is currently partnering with the Village to raise money for “100 Trees for Millerton” which will provide trees for the new Community Park (aka Eddie Collins Memorial Park).

Over the years Townscape has assumed the maintenance of plantings and trees it has installed in the Village. In 2020, when Townscape was installing the holiday lights, Peerless Tree Company, our installer, pointed out that the Bradford Pear trees lining Main Street were at the end of their lives. During our spring fundraising we went to our supporters and raised the money to replace all of the diseased and damaged trees, and this will be done in the autumn of 2021 right after the sidewalks on the south side of Main Street are replaced. We will be replacing the Bradford Pears with Flowering Pears, a hardy variety which will not grow as tall as the Bradford Pears and which are appropriate for conditions where there is winter road salt.

Arbor Day Photograph by Alexis England Small

Rail Trail Photograph by Dick Hermans