Around the Village

Townscape seeks to identify opportunities for streetscape improvements around the Village.

In 2011 Townscape collaborated with the Village on the design and installation of the sidewalk railing on Main Street. In 2013, Townscape designed and installed the planters on the Webutuck Bridge. Townscape plants the boxes every spring and maintains them through the summer and fall. Photographs by Alexis England Small.

Creating community is a high priority for Townscape and we long ago realized that providing benches around the Village encouraged communal interactions. Since 2014 we have installed 10 “Central Park” benches around the Village, several of which have been donated in memory of prominent and beloved Village residents.  We also supplied the tables and chairs in Veterans’ Park and those, as you know, are always occupied. Photographs by Olivia Markonic.

In 2018, Townscape collaborated with the Village to purchase and install the composting toilets which now reside on the Rail Trail behind the Irondale Schoolhouse. Their presence has taken a huge burden off the local merchants.